An online webinar with a focus on neurological conditions for Occupational Therapists and other professionals covering Parkinson’s Disease and Housing Design.  Provided and hosted by Closomat with experts from The OT Service.

Learning objectives:
•Explore activity analysis and the impact on occupation
•Reflect on using adaptations and design to enable occupational engagement
•Consider activity analysis and toileting for someone with Parkinson’s, providing specific insights into potential design


Presenter from The OT Service:  Adam Ferry  

Adam Ferry, occupational therapist.Adam graduated as an occupational therapist in 2007 and worked in the acute hospital setting until 2018.  In that time Adam spent 5 years working in A&E and a MAU as part of an admission avoidance team, then managed acute and rehabilitation services for 4 years before leaving to work full-time in the private sector as a Director of The OT Service.

Adam coordinates many local authority and NHS contracts, as well as holding his own caseload.  He has developed a national reputation for delivering high-quality CPD and training, in areas such as falls, accessible design, moving and handling, and many others, all underpinned with a reflection on occupational therapy and the value of occupation.

Adam is passionate about occupational therapy and uses CPD sessions as a forum to reflect on and challenge practice with the aim of maximising the impact of the profession on the community.