December will see the second of Closomat’s new style quarterly webinars.  The live webinar, which will be hosted by Closomat and delivered by clinical experts from The OT Service, will cover the relationship between common paediatric conditions and the impact these have on a child’s bathroom activity.

During Closomat’s recent project to document common disabilities and conditions and how their wash and dry toilet aids safe toileting, it became clear that paediatric conditions needed highlighting.
Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager; “Creating our disabilities and conditions resource guide was a real labour of love to create but the outcome was well worth the effort. Bringing together a number of well-known disabilities and how the Palma Vita toilet works to provide a safe and effective toileting experience” view the guide here

Supportive materials
With more time available in between each event and the full schedule pre-published in advance, Closomat hopes to attract key groups of healthcare providers those either taking the opportunity to upskill or wishing to add to their existing skill-set.
Additionally, Closomat will be publishing complementary documents which will directly support the content delivered by The OT Service during the webinars.
Robin adds, “Now that we have a proven model for our webinars, demonstrated by the sheer numbers who attend live or watch them on our website or our YouTube Channel, we felt it was time to update the content further.”
All of our webinars can be seen here and you can subscribe to our You Tube Channel to hear about new content as it’s added.

Paediatrics – Common conditions and the impact on bathroom activity
Scheduled to run for an hour, the webinar’s learning outcomes will be:

Learning outcomes
• Delegates will reflect on the impact on occupational performance of a number of common health conditions, or areas of ill-health.
• There will be a focus on occupational performance and activity analysis in the bathroom, to further understand the impact of the specific environment on independence in the context of common health conditions.
• Clinical reasoning will be challenged, using legislation and guidance to provide an evidence base.
• Delegates will reflect on the use of equipment and adaptations in the bathroom to support independence, reduce risk and maximise client potential.

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‘Paediatric common conditions and the impact on bathroom activity’ ran on 16th December 2021 watch it now