Closomat are kicking off 2023 strongly with a webinar for Occupational Therapists themed around the bathroom design best practice for older people.

Following feedback from thousands of webinar attendees over the past three years, Closomat has decided to revisit a number of specialist areas, which in this case takes into consideration older people.

In line with Closomat’s thirst for innovation and improvement, they will be repeating each webinar in 2023 on differing days and times of the week, with the aim to establish the best time to engage with their audience.

It’s important to us that not only do we evolve our extremely popular CPD accredited webinars to maintain high OT engagement but also listen to attendee feedback and where possible action it. In this case we are reviewing the days of the week and times of the day to maximise attendance – because lets be real, we are all busy, but OT’s are VERY busy, we get it and we understand.

Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager.

Robin adds;

Later this year we will also be offering new ways to watch the webinar in addition to Zoom. We hope by widening our broadcast channels, we will again reach more people.

Special guest speaker – Meera Vitarana, Housing Specialist

The event will be structured in such a way as to provide attendees a forum to ask questions at the end of the webinar and have them answered live by a senior OT.

Meera, an Occupational Therapist specialising in major domestic adaptations has over 10 years clinical experience providing bespoke living solutions for all groups of people but predominantly focusing on maintaining older people’s independence to live alone (or as close as possible).

Scheduled to run for an hour, the webinar’s learning outcomes will be:

  • Develop awareness of bathroom design principles for the client group.
  • Consider the impact of proactive housing interventions.
  • Reflect on how we apply legislation and guidance to formulate clinically reasoned recommendations.
  • Increase awareness of common risk factors and risk reduction strategies.

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‘Older people – Accessible bathroom design to support independent ageing’