Closomat’s unstoppable partnership with The OT Service continues strongly with their first joint webinar of 2022, focusing on the theme of neurological.

Now being presented quarterly, this first webinar, 24th March will tackle the issue of neurological trauma on bathroom activity.

Like all the webinars, we only have around 40 minutes to cover a given topic, which you can imagine is tricky. However it provides us with the challenge of being succinct and on-message.
Adam Ferry, OT Service Director

Supportive materials

With more than 15 webinars under their belt, Closomat have led the way in the delivery of key clinical learning over the past two years.

But the learning doesn’t end at the close of the webinar – Closomat will be publishing complimentary documents which will directly support the content delivered by the OT Service during the webinars.

Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager:

Now that we have a proven model for our webinars, demonstrated by the sheer numbers that attend live or watch them on our YouTube Channel, we felt it was time to update the content further.

Additionally, we have recently strengthened our clinical web-content with the creation of our ‘Disabilities and Conditions Guide’, which reconciles the use of a wash/dry toilet with certain disabilities.

This information can be seen here:

Impact of neurological trauma on bathroom activity

Scheduled to run for an hour, the webinar’s learning outcomes will be:

  • Reflection on the types of neurological trauma and the impact on occupational performance
  • Review of potential activity analysis and the impact on toileting specifically.
  • Consideration of intervention strategies to maximise independence and occupational engagement
  • Application of a model of practice to identify the impact bathroom adaptations on long‐term health and wellbeing for clients with neurological trauma.

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‘Neurological – Impact of neurological trauma on bathroom activity’ ran 11am on 24th March 2022 watch it now.