A warranty, which comes in with the price of your new product, is a company’s way of standing behind the quality of their goods.

A service contract is something that costs extra but proactively prolongs the life of the product beyond that of the warranty period.

Why we recommend an annual service and a warranty

If you have ever owned a car, you’ll know that as well as a warranty, you also need to have the car serviced regularly, usually once a year. A service gives you the peace of mind that the car is okay and can also spot any potential issues before they become a problem.

Well, it is the same with Closomat wash and dry toilets.

A warranty is there for when things go wrong. Knowing that faults can be fixed is great, but ideally you don’t want such an important household item to go wrong in the first place!

That’s where an annual service comes in.

If your toilet is not working correctly or, even worse, is not working at all, then this can have severe implications for the resident. By also choosing to include an annual service you are adding an added layer of cover and extra peace of mind – because our service contracts includes all mechanical parts and labour.

Servicing your toilet avoids any potential problems, and saves you money

An annual service of the toilet can help to prevent faults arising at all, ensuring the product is working correctly. Maintaining a product is generally cheaper that fixing a fault.

A service visit also enables the resident to ask questions, or to make minor adjustments as requirements do change over time, after all. What we want to avoid is any worry or distress when someone who relies so much on a wash and dry toilet is left having to wait for a fault to be fixed.

Servicing can be easily added to the original Disabled Facility Grant, so you are not left potentially liable for repairs in the future.
Palma Life: No comebacks, no hassle no nasty surprises…

For more information regarding our tailored toileting solution with all future maintenance, servicing and adjustments taken care of, click here.