‘Fantastic’ equipment…

Pensioner Ulem Grant lost a leg through diabetes in 2010 and can no longer use his fingers.

He had his Closomat installed under a Disabled Facilities Grant on the advice of his Occupational Therapist, as he was dependant on his wife helping him on and off his conventional WC and was getting frustrated at his inability to flush the toilet on his own.

“It is fantastic, I am over the moon. It was so difficult to go the toilet, but not any more! I can go whenever I want, without my wife having to help me,” he enthused.

Added his wife Dawn, “I use it too! We were using so much toilet paper trying to get my husband clean, and he hated me having to help him all the time.”

Closomat is the first choice for disabled people and their carers, to deliver quality, easy to use toileting solutions that bring greater independence, dignity and hygiene.
Stephen Edwards, Head of Sales and Marketing