UK Wash and Dry Toilet Manufacturer, Closomat, strengthens its educational offering for Occupational Therapists

Titled “Learn at Lunch” these informative 30 minute sessions will enable OTs to enhance their practise and support their professional development, by focussing on a range of “hot topics” in the area of assisted toileting.

The first session, on Wednesday 27th April at noon, is “Future-proofing to Accommodate Changing Needs”

It will cover:

– How do OT’s assess long-term needs on an initial assessment?

– How does future-proofing link with recommendations made after an assessment?

– Compatibility of accessories such as shower chairs and general advice around this issue.

Stephen Edwards, Head of Sales and Marketing at Closomat said, “We’ve seen through our very successful webinar programme, which has been running now for around 18 months, that there is a huge thirst for knowledge amongst OTs, particularly in the area of toileting.

“After consulting with OTs, we recognised that there was a role for punchier sessions, to complement the more in-depth webinars that will continue to run which could be attended during a lunch hour, for example.”

The sessions, run in conjunction with The OT Service, will address what is being talked about by OTs right now to ensure they are of relevance. They will comprise an initial pre-recorded presentation followed by a live “Q and A” with senior OTs from the OT Service. Sessions will also feature product demonstrations, where applicable.

Future sessions currently planned are “Who benefits from a Wash and Dry Toilet and how to use one properly”, and “Plus-size clients and wash/dry toilets”. With other sessions being considered at the time of writing.

Future-proofing to Accommodate Changing Needs’ is programmed for 12-noon on 27th April 2022 watch it now.