The first NHS Trust in the UK to open a dedicated neuromuscular complex care centre is taking commitment to improved patient care quality and outcomes right through to personal hygiene.

National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery in London

The new Centre, at the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery in London, has chosen to install Closomat automatic wash and dry toilets with Aerolet toilet lifters, and height adjustable washbasins in the ward WC facilities. The toilet equipment means in-patients’ independence and dignity are optimised, without compromising their personal cleanliness. All the equipment has been supplied by Closomat, the UK’s leading manufacturer of disabled toilet solutions.

The combination of the height adjustability of the equipment and the in-built washing and drying means our patients can manage to go to the toilet by themselves. It gives them more independence. We know the way the toilet works they will be clean afterwards,” explained ward sister Mayumi Rossi. ‘The toilets are really useful for our patients’ wellbeing.

Adds Patricia Turner, executive administrator for the Centre

University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust is the first in the UK to open a dedicated neuromuscular complex care centre. It aims to provide improved quality of care and improve outcomes for the growing number of patients with high complex care requirements who are surviving longer because of care advances. Our target is to meet NICE accredited standards of care, and develop a ‘hub and spoke’ model of care that will double mean life expectancy and be followed by other regions.