Having a toilet that is more than just a toilet has enabled a woman to be discharged from hospital days early…

Rose Murphy was in a serious car accident 12 years ago, through which she lost the use of her left arm. She has been able to remain as independent as possible in part because of her lavatory- a Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet. And the Closomat has now enabled her to persuade nursing staff to discharge her after an operation much sooner than expected.

Rose has for some time needed an operation to repair a hole in the rotary cuff of her right arm and shoulder which, with subsequent recuperation, would involve the arm being ‘out of action’ for eight weeks. She refused to consider having the operation until her Occupational Therapist assessed her and effected installation of the toilet in her home in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks.

“They wanted to keep me in hospital because I couldn’t use my arms, and they were struggling to organise appropriate support care for me back at home,” explained Rose. “I told them about my Closomat; after some persuading, they agreed I could go home, as I would be able to undertake my personal care at least.

“Before the crash I was a social worker, and knew through my work about Closomats. I was very aware of the potential impact it could have on my life, my independence.”

Rose’s Closomat Palma Vita features a ‘soft-touch’ hand/foot switch, which means she can operate it with just light pressure from her foot. This, together with the bath lift in her wetroom, means she can undertake all her personal hygiene without carer intervention.

Looking like, and capable of being used as, a conventional WC, the Palma Vita has built-in douching and drying. After toileting, the user presses the operating mechanism- be it the cistern-mounted flush pads, touch-sensitive switch or remote proxy switch. Simultaneous flushing and warm water douching is followed by warm air drying, leaving the user effectively, properly, hygienically and consistently clean without having to manually wipe- or be wiped- with toilet tissue.

The Closomat Palma Vita is the biggest-selling automatic toilet in the UK, and the only one not only manufactured in Britain, but fully supported by in-house installation, commissioning and service.

It is part of Closomat’s range of bathroom assistive technology to enable elderly and disabled people to remain as independent, and as dignified, as possible; the range includes toilet lifters, body driers and height adjustable basins. Full details of products, service and technical support are available here.