Husband and wife Janice and Terry Rees have both had their independence back as a result of teamwork between their local Social Services and Closomat.

The outcome results from the installation at their Penllergaer home of a Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet, with additional touch sensitive hand switch. It means Janice no longer has to rely on Terry to help her use the WC.

“I can ‘go’ now without Terry having to help, and I feel so much cleaner. We’ve both benefitted!”

“I have epilepsy, cancer and bowel problems. My husband had to help me when I wanted to use the toilet,” explained Janice. “ I can ‘go’ now without Terry having to help, and I feel so much cleaner. We’ve both benefitted!”

Product specialist knew how to ‘fine tune’ to her specific needs.

“The Occupational Therapist suggested the Closomat, she said it would be much easier for me; Closomat’s specialist suggested the addition of the touch sensitive hand switch, so I would be able to operate it, as I don’t have the strength in my elbows to push the Closomat’s standard flush’” elaborated Janice.

And it was all achieved within two weeks from assessment visit to install and commissioning, as part of a bathroom adaptation which included creating a wet room.

The speed was in part due to Janice’s neighbours receiving a similar adaptation: whilst the Occupational Therapist and Closomat specialist were visiting next door, Janice raised her limitations and the problems it was causing for her and her husband with them. They instantly followed her home, assessed the situation and started the adaptation process.

Accessorise to each client’s requirements
The Palma Vita is unique in that it can be accessorised to accommodate individual user’s strengths and weaknesses: no other wash & dry toilet offers that flexibility. And it can be accessorised at time of purchase or subsequently as user needs change with time.