The standard charge for a refurbished toilet excludes Installation and any additional accessories. Closomat will replace the douche to the new specification within the costs of the refurbishment, so this could be to change from a standard to twin or the other way around.

All refurbishments are subject to the following:
– Inspection of the toilet from our refurbishment team on site or the chosen storage of the client
– Toilet should be in a clean and hygienic condition prior to collection – we reserve the right to refuse collection if deemed unhygienic

The toilet cannot be refurbished if:
– It has a product number of less than P34392. Closomat will check on their systems to ensure the product complies with this.
– Closomat will refuse to refurbish any toilet that does not comply with this part number or above and it is the responsibility of the customer to then dispose of the toilet if it is rejected due to this.
– Not been serviced in the past 2 years. Closomat will check this on their systems to ensure the product complies with this. It is the responsibility of the customer to then dispose of the toilet if it is rejected due to this.
– If the customer is removing a toilet from an existing property, we will only install the new refurbished Palma Vita. It is the customers responsibility to provide a conventional toilet until the installation is complete.

Cancellation of a Refurbishment Order

If the customer (which is defined as the organisation purchasing a refurbishment from Closomat), subsequently cancels the order then the following charges would apply.
1. Order cancelled but nothing actioned on Closomat’s part, i.e. order processed but nothing collected – no charge.
2. Toilet collected but no work carried out on the toilet – the cost of the installer’s time charged to cover the collection and re-delivery back to the customer.
3. Toilet collected; refurb complete – full charge of refurbishment
4. Cancelled on the day of installation – full charge plus a charge to cover the installer’s time.

Refurbished Products

We refurbish and replace key parts of the Closomat Palma Vita as outlined regardless of current condition:

Inlet Valve TD
Flexible Hose
TD Drop Valve Complete
Blower Tube
Lip Joint
Mains Cable
Traction Relief Clamp
300w Air Element
Seat Hull Complete
Seat and Lid Complete
Seat Pin for Std Seat
Deviation Valve
Std Douche
Safety Temp Limiter Black
Full Set Outer Covers

Note: Any existing Plinths and infill panels cannot be reused.

This enables Closomat to apply the 1-year warranty following the successful installation of the toilet.
Any additional accessories required should be quoted for PRIOR to the order being taken so that these can be sourced and included in the refurbishment when taking place.
All refurbishments will be subject to a site survey at the new location to be organised by Closomat once the customer notifies Closomat either through Product Assessors, email or head office.
Closomat reserves the right to cancel a planned installation if the survey outlines the installation is not possible. There would be no charge to the customer at this stage providing the order for the refurbishment had not taken place.
Closomat reserves the right to ask for other works to be done on-site if the surveys outlines as such. Closomat would not complete the installation until these works had been completed satisfactorily.

Installing a Refurbished Closomat Toilet

The refurbishment MUST be undertaken by a Closomat Installer, under no circumstances will a refurbed toilet be installed by a 3rd party. This is to ensure that in the unlikely event of something not working then, Closomat takes full responsibility for this (as per the warranty of parts outlined).
Closomat will charge their standard charge for installation, the terms of which are available on our website.
Installation can only take place on receipt of a completed order request and will be booked in by the Closomat Installations team coordinating with the agreed customer.
Closomat will not return a refurbished toilet to the customer if the customer chooses not to take our installation service. Closomat cannot apply the warranty to the refurbished toilet if this is not done.
Standard turnaround time from order to installation is dependent on when the service user requires the toilet to be fitted but will be no sooner than 4 weeks from the order being received.
On completion of Installed Refurbished toilet.
We will outline that this product has been cleaned to a high standard and conforms to industry-standard cleaning chemicals.

Maintenance Agreements

There is a 1 year warranty on the toilet once it has been installed which is limited to the parts as outlined in our website.
The toilet must be installed within 1 month of completed refurbishment.
The customer may decide to take out a maintenance agreement on the toilet at the time of purchase.