If you care for someone who is disabled, you know how life is about compromise, particularly if you want to go anywhere, for any length of time. Indeed, if you need to use a hoist and/or changing bench, even the length of time is dictated to you- by the availability of suitable toilets.

If you’re the parent or carer of a disabled child, it’s a problem you may not even appreciate yet. Your child is still small enough, light enough for you to manage with a conventional ‘baby change’. But what as they grow? How will you manage then?

Changing Places are the answer. Larger than conventional wheelchair-accessible toilets, they provide the space you and your charge need, plus the additional equipment. The number of them is growing, but there are still fewer than 1500 across the whole UK.

More are opening all the time. However, as many potential users do not know of such facilities, nor do many venues. The only way they will know about them, and even think about providing them, is if users tell them. It takes only a couple of minutes to tell them about it- a couple of minutes that could enable you to spend so much more time somewhere. And not just you, but the tens of thousands of people in a similar situation.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what to say. Just explain it from your own perspective. Or pop a post onto their social media feeds.

If you want some help, there is an abundance of material you can use, either on the Changing Places website or here.