Therapy technology

08 April 2021, 12:13

A purpose-built therapy centre for people with Multiple Sclerosis has adopted an innovative approach to helping improve patient wellbeing- it has fitted a state-of-the-art WC. Kent MS Therapy Centre chose to install its first Closomat Palma Vita wash and dry toilet in place of a conventional WC, to...
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War of independence or: how a toilet is helping the fight against MS

08 April 2021, 11:57

One man’s fight against the degeneration caused from Multiple Sclerosis is taking place in….the bathroom. Ian Westgate (64), from Eastbourne, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than 30 years ago, but has always fought against the illness’ impact, to the extent he is a leading campaigner for...
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Getting in tune with limitations

08 April 2021, 11:01

Having to deal with the impact of Multiple Sclerosis on his daily life is not stopping musician Tom Flynn from being stylish, through to his home’s fixtures and fittings. The 6ft tall singer songwriter from Warwickshire, and former member of the Grammy- nominated band The Heys, has a Closomat Palma...
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My toilet? It’s a godsend!

08 April 2021, 10:59

Most people take their WC for granted. For Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Kathleen Bergin, it is much more… “It was quite a surprise when I first used it, but it’s an absolute godsend,” she says. The WC in question is a Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry (automatic shower) toilet, installed in he...
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Centre of excellence extends support…

08 April 2021, 09:56

A support facility already acknowledged by its local health professionals as ‘a Centre of Excellence’ is taking a holistic approach to extensions to its services…. The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Support Centre in Saltney, near Chester, provides therapy and support for people with all...
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Self-help extends right through to ‘spending a penny’

08 April 2021, 09:50

A purpose-built Centre to provide therapy, exercise and support for people with neurological conditions is optimising client ability to self-help – right through to toileting. The MS Therapy Centre has just upgraded its WC facilities at the Mayfield Road, Huntingdon Centre, to enable anyone us...
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Adapting to deliver ‘fantastic’ independence

08 April 2021, 09:00

A multiple sclerosis sufferer is achieving ‘fantastic’ independence – through a new toilet. Anne Hey lives alone in her Weaver Vale Housing Trust bungalow in Northwich, and, because of her illness, was struggling to use the conventional toilet in her small bathroom. The solution, underta...
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‘Easi’ solution for effective wetroom

08 April 2021, 08:43

Achieving a functional, accessible yet stylish wetroom, which encompasses the needs of both has been easy for Northumberland couple Bill and Marjorie Leslie…. With the progression of Mrs Leslie’s multiple sclerosis, the couple decided it was time to adapt their garage extension to create...
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Helping regain quality of life

08 April 2021, 08:36

Marital harmony is being amplified for one MS sufferer – all through his toilet. Kevin Pointing was diagnosed with the condition almost a decade ago, and as symptoms progressed found his marriage and family increasingly under pressure helping him cope with daily bodily functions. But now the former...
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Having the choice on how to deal with good days and bad days…

07 April 2021, 11:26

How would you cope with going from a comfortable standard of living, with a husband, a young child and pregnant to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a single mum of two, and “at the mercy of the state”? That’s the situation Jay Denton (48) from Colchester found herself in less than a decade a...
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How ‘tech’ can help living with Multiple Sclerosis

18 December 2019, 11:04

Multiple Sclerosis is on the increase: latest figures indicate about 100 people each week are diagnosed, and the number of people now living with the condition in the UK is growing by almost 2.5% each year. Of the common symptoms, the top two are balance & co-ordination, and bladder & bowel...
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