191 Local Authorities Win Share of £23.5m Fund to Install Over 500 Changing Places Toilets

24 March 2022, 15:24

The news that 191 local authorities in England have been granted funding from central government to install Changing Places facilities, is being widely celebrated by the disabled and caring communities. The £23.5m worth of grants will see the addition of approximately 513 Changing Places toilets (wi...
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Paediatric Bathroom Design in a Family Space

17 January 2022, 12:40

An overview of the topic of Paediatrics:  Common Health Conditions and the Impact on Bathroom Activity, based on our recent webinar on the topic. Download Additional Clinical Document on Supporting Young People with Bathroom Tasks Consideration of the home environment is essential when supporting ch...
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Future proofing the bathroom for clients with progressive conditions

19 May 2020, 10:43

Topic Future proofing the bathroom for clients with progressive conditions Learning outcomes: To review how to assess the clients needs To understand the tasks the clients wants and needs to do within the bathroom To give a greater insight on how to complete a client specific specification to meet l...
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Tool to help determine living aid requirement

18 March 2020, 09:32

A new tool to help healthcare professionals determine the suitability of equipment to assist with that most intimate of daily living activities- toileting- is now available. Produced by Occupational Therapists, the ‘Activity Analysis of Toileting’ delivers in one easy to use document an end user sui...
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