Neurology and Bathroom Design

24 May 2022, 15:36

There are over 12 million people living with a neurological condition in England alone (ELTP 2019). NHS England (2022) defines these as any condition that affects the brain, spinal cord or nervous system. There are over 600 types, broadly categorised into: • Sudden onset conditions (e.g. acquired br...
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Holistic approach enhances quality of life

08 April 2021, 09:19

Taking a holistic approach to a child’s needs is improving not only his quality of life, but that of his whole family… Sebastian Parkhouse, aged 8, has spastic quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties with global development delay. He bottom-shuffles everywhere, and is unab...
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Toilet gets seal of approval from disability campaigner

08 April 2021, 08:51

Disability rights campaigner Gerry Maguire MBE is enhancing his knowledge of people’s toileting needs through personal experience… Gerry has cerebral palsy, works part-time for his local Health Trust, and plays a major role in Northern Ireland championing the needs of disabled people who...
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Helping turn disability into a positive

07 April 2021, 12:13

One of Britain’s leading disabled actors is turning to assistive technology to help him retain his independence. Mark Beer, 49, originally from Henley-in-Arden in Warwickshire but now of Camden Town, London, has 2nd degree Cerebral Palsy. He has refused to let his health issues impact on his chosen...
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