On the move…with his toilet!

08 April 2021, 08:54

One man is so impressed with his toilet, he even took it with him when he moved house. Thalidomide Kevin Donnellon (52), has moved from a flat to a bungalow in Bundellsands, Crosby, to give him and his young family more space. Whereas most people, when they move, leave bathroom fittings behind, Kevi...
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The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of toilets?

08 April 2021, 08:47

“It’s wonderful, everyone should have one, it’s the Rolls-Royce compared to a Ferrari”. What is it? A toilet… The comment comes from leading thalidomide campaigner Guy Tweedy, about his new Closomat Palma Vita automatic wash and dry toilet installed at his Harrogate hom...
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