Steve’s Story of Improved Wellbeing due to Bariatric Palma Vita

28 July 2021, 14:19

Steve is a taxi driver and has been for 20 years. He is self-employed and works flexible hours around his physical functioning, only working when he feels able to. Working as a taxi driver is extremely important to Steve, he is well-liked by his regular clients, is known in his local community and h...
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Considerations in working with plus size (bariatric) people: Design, independence and dignity

07 April 2021, 15:01

Topic Working with plus size (bariatric) people: Design, independence and dignity Learning outcomes: To gain an overview of planning a home environment for plus sized clients (with focus on the bathroom) To understand the effect of being plus sized on occupation To evaluate the importance of assessm...
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Mental & physical health improved

03 April 2021, 09:10

If you have mobility issues, would you want to rely on someone to help you go to the toilet? That had been the situation for husband and wife of 45 years George and June Gale of Kington Langley in Wiltshire. Alongside suffering from COPD, diabetes, trapped vertebrae and cancer, and having broken his...
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Rural sophistication!

03 April 2021, 09:07

Palma Vita:  A technically advanced total approach to hygiene is refreshing the parts others cannot reach in one of the most scenic and remote areas of Ireland. The grounds of the luxury Harveys Point Country Hotel, on the shores of Lough Eske and in the foothills of the Blue Stack Mountains, also i...
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Going large…

03 April 2021, 09:03

Almost 25% of the UK population can go to the toilet in greater comfort and with improved peace of mind, thanks to Closomat. Currently, 3% of women and 1+% of men are morbidly obese: statistics that are predicted to double by 2030. NHS figures reveal 61% of British adults are overweight, and some 25...
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Big, hidden toilet troubles

15 January 2020, 10:57

New figures(*) suggest that the number of obese people in England has almost doubled in twenty years; now, more than a quarter of the UK population is obese. The issue has hidden hygiene implications, warns Closomat, particularly when going to the toilet- something we all do on average eight times a...
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