Investing in future-proof accessibility

Stockport Council is providing state of the art facilities for its Marple pupils – right through to the toilets.

In a programme to optimise school provision for pupils of primary school age, the Council closed two schools and joined them with Rose Hill Primary School, constructing a new building, which includes a fully accessible hygiene room, supplied and installed by Total Hygiene.

The ground floor room has been strategically positioned adjacent to the dedicated resource unit for the school’s pupils with special needs. Incorporation of a paediatric height adjustable changing bench, height adjustable wash basin, hoist and Closomat ‘wash and dry’ (automatic) toilet means the room can easily accommodate individual pupil needs now and in the future.

Rose Hill head teacher Lynn Bragg says:

The school is delighted to offer such high quality provision ensuring that we are fully inclusive.

Rose Hill Primary School’s toilets deliver compliance with the Department for Education’s Building Bulletin 102, whereby schools should be designed to encourage children to develop personal skills – right through to going to the toilet.

It also requires that accessible personal care facilities must be provided at convenient intervals round the school, and that toilet and changing facilities in mainstream schools should include fittings including a peninsular toilet, height-adjustable basin and height-adjustable changing table.

Total Hygiene is the UK’s leading provider of disabled toileting solutions, and a leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of hygiene rooms in all levels of educational establishments. Its expertise has been consolidated in a useful white paper, available for download on the company’s website.

Total Hygiene also manufactures – in the UK – the Closomat Palma automatic toilet, the biggest-selling unit of its kind: over 40,000 Closomat are in use across the country, in domestic and ‘out of home’ environments.