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Why does it matter?

  • At least 20% of our population is disabled.
  • More than 2.5m Muslims now reside in the UK: Islam has specific hygiene practices.
  • The number of Japanese visitors to the UK is increasing (by almost 10% in 2019*): at home, they are used to ‘washlets’ – WCs that include at least a douche facility and often a drier too.

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Following our top tips below will ensure that, with a few key elements addressed, the needs of most will be met, in just one toilet facility, regardless of the particular Regulatory requirements for your venue.

  1. Space: sufficient to allow someone in a wheelchair to manoeuvre. Note this includes ensuring the doorway is wide enough to enable wheelchair access
  2. Peninsular WC, to allow access, transfer from either side. Note a wash & dry toilet helps address religious and cultural considerations, and helps ensure optimum hygiene for anyone regardless of ability
  3. Emergency pull cord. NB do NOT tie up
  4. Wash basin: either fix low to enable ease of use by someone in a wheelchair, or choose a height adjustable version to accommodate ambulant and wheelchair users
  5. Lever tap to address manual dexterity
  6. Mirror, set at an appropriate height to suit wheelchair and ambulant users
  7. Waste bin
  8. Drop down support rail alongside WC
  9. Grab rails by WC and basin
  10. Shelf

Note, addition of a ceiling track hoist occupies no additional space but further extends usability of the WC.

The small print: the above ‘top ten tips’ are guidance only, offered as a result of our extensive experience in supplying and installing hundreds of assisted accessible toilets across the UK. All relevant permissions need to be obtained, and Building Regulations followed. We would also recommend cross-referencing with our white papers and appropiate Regulations particularly Building Regulations Approved Document M:2015 and BS8300:2018

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Opening the door to optimum WC accessibility

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