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Clinical Description

Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is an inherited genetic condition that gradually causes the muscles to weaken, leading to an increasing level of disability.

Person with muscular dystrophy at their desk.

Typical presentation of symptoms in the patient.

Muscle atrophy.

Difficulty walking, climbing stairs or running.

Irregular walking gait (like waddling or toe walking).

Stiff or loose joints.

Permanent tightening of your muscles, tendons and skin (contractures).

Muscle pain.

Reasons why the Closomat Vita Range of Wash and Dry Toilets can help

The Vita Range has a built-in wash and dry function providing complete hands-free toileting. The user remains seated after their bowel movement and activates the douche spray which cleans and then dries them (over a clean pan).

Additionally, the Vita Range can be equipped with Integrated Fold-down Support Arms which gives close-quarter support to the user, providing confidence and independence when toileting.

For added security, the arms can be further adapted with Lateral Body Supports which help the user maintain a steady seated position. A lap-strap can also be added to stop forward falls.

Activation of the Vita Range as standard makes use of the integrated elbow levers on the cistern. However, where this may prove beyond the user’s capabilities, additional activation controls can be added – these simple to use, easy to understand devices range from a featherlight touch pad, an infrared passive-control and a single ‘one press’ remote control.

The Vita Range is also fully compatible with Aerolet toilet lifts, hoist transfers and/or use with shower chairs.

Closomat Palma Vita with fold down support arms in a home bathroom.

The Ellis’ grown children both suffer from Muscular Dystrophy, the elder being diagnosed only two years ago. As part of significant home adaptation work, the family has had a wetroom installed by Leeds Council, complete with Closomat Palma Vita automatic wash and dry toilet.

To enable both of the children to live daily life with as much independence – and therefore privacy and dignity – as possible, the Closomat has been specified with accessories of integrated fold-down support arm and a touch-sensitive hand/foot switch.

It’s a brilliant machine,” says their mother. “The height of the Closomat is perfect for both of them, and the support arms and switch enable them to use it without any help from me. My elder child in particular, having contracted another illness, and would rely on me to help with toileting needs. It has made a huge difference to all of us! The children don’t need my help when they want to go to the toilet. They feel much more independent, and it’s nicer for them to have that privacy.

Other Case Studies

Cinemas are not making the cut for disabled people because of lack of Changing Places toilets.

Cinemas are not making the cut for disabled people because of lack of Changing Places toilets.

Lifting support

Lifting support

“Better than a throne!”

“Better than a throne!”

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