When diabetes has affected you so badly you have had to have your legs amputated above the knee and have lost your sight, even going to the loo can be a major issue…

But this is not the case for Neil McCarthy of Sale, Manchester. A former consultant psychotherapist, 60 years-old Neil was originally told his diabetes was so severe he would not live to 30. Not only has he defied the medical specialists, but is achieving degrees of independence, helped by his toilet: a Closomat bidet WC.

Closomat worked closely with Neil and his Occupational Therapist to ensure the unit optimised his privacy and independence, by fitting of arm support accessories. The Closomat combines a conventional toilet with integral washing and drying facilities. These, combined with the way the toilet works, enable him to go to the toilet unaided, improving quality of life for both him and his wife Bernie.

Neil jokes, “It sweeps as it cleans!” He adds, “It has given me back my independence. However much you love someone, it’s not nice having to take them to the toilet and clean them afterwards. Before, if I had tried to ‘go’ on my own, I would have fallen off the toilet when I tried to clean myself. The Closomat cleans me, and the arms mean I have additional support if I need it.”

With a Closomat, one simple press of the flush pad (by hand, elbow or body pressure) or the remote control hand switch can trigger the washing and drying process, making it easily useable by all, regardless of manual dexterity. If necessary, an additional push at any time can repeat the drying cycle. The functions can be stopped at any time simply by standing up. Unique simultaneous flushing and washing improves hygiene as the user is cleaned by warm water, not paper, and eliminates the need for manual cleansing.

Closomat is the first choice for disabled people and their carers, to deliver quality, easy to use toileting solutions that bring greater independence, dignity and hygiene.
Stephen Edwards, Head of Sales and Marketing