The Chiltern Aquamaster

A06C & A11C

The AquaMaster is height-adjustable*, so it, rather than the toilet, is set to the height required by the user. It can be converted from self-propelled (A11C) to carer-assisted (A06C), and vice versa, as the user’s needs change.

* Spacers required, making it compatible with a Palma Vita installed with 25mm plinth or 50mm plinth.

The Chiltern Aquamaster


  • Pram Handles
  • Integrated skirt surrounding aperture
  • Full ring aperture or Horseshoe seat
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Height adjustable
  • Safe working load:200Kg/31St


For added flexibility, the AquaMaster shower chair comes in three seat widths, 17”, 19” and 21”, which must be stated when ordering

*Please note that a standard Aquamaster chair is compatible with a Palma Vita without a plinth but will require an alternative flushing operation, such as a Touch Sensitive Hand/Foot Control or Proxy Switch etc.

Should the Palma Vita be required to be raised, the Aquamaster can be fitted with appropriate raisers.

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