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The Aerolet Bariatric with Big John Seat

The electronically-controlled lift gently and securely raises and lowers the user over the toilet whilst they remain fully seated, supported and in control.

  • Offers perfect support for bariatric users
  • Maximum lift capacity: 250Kg/39St
  • Big John toilet seat*
  • Overall dimensions: 730mm wide x 680mm deep x 1025mm high

* The Big John bariatric toilet seat is ideal for anyone who is larger framed. With an increased seating area and weight capacity, the Big John toilet seat provides a safer and more comfortable platform for larger clients.

Closomat Palma Vita toilet with bariatric aerolet with big john seat

Big John Specification

The Big John is engineered for long-lasting durability.

The stylish, ergonomic design has a more comfortable opening and a luxurious contoured sitting surface that is roomier than any other toilet seat on the market offering a new era of stability, comfort and safety.

  • 19″ width seat
  • Supplied as standard on the bariatric
  • Increased weight limit
  • Made from high-impact ABS that is both stain and chemical resistant
  • Durable stainless steel hinges
  • Non-Slip bumpers

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