The Benefits of the Lima Vita Wash & Dry Toilet

  • Wall-hung version of the Palma Vita
  • Enables unit to be fixed at exact height required by the user
  • Ergonomically designed to properly support the user
  • Ideally suited for underfloor heating
  • Facilitates bathroom/wetroom floor cleaning
  • Can be used as a conventional WC
  • Safe working load: 190kg/30st

How it works

The Closomat Lima Vita offers all the hygiene benefits of its floor-standing counterpart, the Palma Vita, Britain’s best-selling automatic wash & dry toilet.

The Lima Vita looks like, and can be used as, a conventional WC. It has hidden advantages over a traditional toilet. Its built-in washing and drying facilities save the user having to manually clean with toilet tissue, with all its potential hazards in terms of ability to tear off toilet paper, and use it effectively.

Closomat Palma Vita toilet in a bathroom


The douching delivers the best washing & drying performance available in bidet toilets, to leave the user consistently and hygienically clean and dry.

Being wall-hung, it can be installed at just the right height to suit. There are no lips attaching it to the floor to trap dust and germs, so bathroom cleaning is simplified around and underneath.

It also means, if there is underfloor heating, there is no risk of expensive pipework being damaged when the unit is fitted.

Accessories: Customise your Closomat experience

Integrated Fold Down Support Arms

Alternative Douche Arms

Infrared Remote Control

Soft Arm Sleeves

Touch Sensitive Switch

Lateral Body Supports

Proxy Switch

Soft Seats

Quick downloads

All Lima Vita CAD’s files can be found under this link.