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Toilet Lifts. What are they and why do I need one?

If you have balance or leg-strength issues and can’t go to the toilet unaided, then an Aerolet toilet lift could be just the help you need. We know how challenging it can be if you are having difficulty getting on and off the toilet. And we also understand that for some people this can be a difficult subject to talk about and to seek help with.

But what do our customers think?

Rob says:

I’ve not fallen once when going to the toilet since I’ve had my Aerolet fitted. Now I can go to the toilet safely, with dignity. The psychological impact on my mental health is amazing.

It’s something you take for granted, going to the toilet, yet everyone needs to do it. I of course use the douching and drying: I have little feeling in my hands so it is difficult to clean myself. Now I have the peace of mind that I am clean which is particularly an issue with my IBD.

Which action should I choose?Supplied in either ‘tilting’ or ‘vertical’ action, a Toilet Lift reduces a resident’s risk of falls and injuries, enhances their dignity and independence, and decreases reliance on carers. It does this by replicating the natural motion of standing up and sitting down. Gently raising and lowering the user accurately into position over the toilet as required whilst enabling their feet to remain in contact with the floor, maintaining balance.


The Aerolet Tilt is appropriate for people with strength in, and control over, their legs and knees. The user simply leans against the seat, holding the fixed support arms and bearing their weight on their legs as they operate the unit as it moves them from/to the vertical.


The Aerolet Vertical suits people with good upper body strength. Its integral support arms raise and lower with the seat, as the lift lowers and raises the user whilst giving them the control to lever themselves down on to, or up from, the unit.

Now choose your modelClosomat wash/dry toilet compatible; Tilting or Vertical

The combination of a Closomat Palma Vita Wash and Dry toilet and an Aerolet toilet lift is arguably the ultimate in independent toileting. The seamless connection between the lifter and the toilet provides an unrivalled level of personal hygiene by lowering you on to the toilet, in the correct position to receive the wash and dry action.

  • Seat-seal on underside of Aerolet ensures optimum drying
  • Aerolet fixes to Palma Vita
  • Aerolet depresses seat-pins on Palma Vita providing normal use
  • Both models have a safe working load of: 150kg/24st

Conventional WC compatible;Tilting or Vertical

Made-to-measure, this bespoke toilet lift upgrades your existing (or new) conventional WC, into a new level of independent toileting. Connecting to the toilet via the seat hinges, a Conventional WC Aerolet can be manufactured to work with all manner of traditional and modern toilet pans, both floor-standing and wallmounted.

  • Model shown: Tilting
  • Safe working load: 150kg/24st
  • Overall dimensions: Wide: 710mm, Deep: 680mm, High: 1013mm

The Aerolet Conventional fits most bathrooms and most standard WCs, be they traditional floormounted, or wall-hanging.


Fits most existing bathrooms

Width: 67.5cm, height from: 37cm


Can be adjusted to fit higher bowls

40cm up to 50cm


Can be adjusted to fit hanging bowls

Minimum height: 37cm


Can be supplied with different types of toilet seats

See accessory list


All Aerolet toilet lift models can be fitted with optional foldaway arm supports

For easier user transfer

Your questions answered

Put simply, a toilet lift fits over your toilet and helps you get on and off safely and unaided.

Similar to a riser recliner armchair in the living room, a toilet lift replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, but in the bathroom. So, if you have balance or leg-strength issues and can’t go to the toilet unaided, the Aerolet toilet lift is the product for you.

Unlike other brands, Aerolet toilet lifts have tilting or vertical models. The tilting version suits people with strength and control over their lower half and can support themselves when the lift lowers them down and back up again. The vertical version is better for those people with upper body strength that may need to lock their legs to gain control whilst they travel up and down. In addition, the vertical is an ideal solution for different height levels required for wheelchair transfer.

No. With one button for up and one for down, it could not be simpler. Conveniently mounted in the armrest, either on the left or right hand side, you are in full control of both the rise and descent.

No, not at all. Your distributor can recommend a professional installer who has the relevant experience, as can we. The Aerolet toilet lift range is robust and extremely easy to install – securely fitting to the toilet and wired into the property like your shower.

The Aerolet brand of toilet lifts are extremely versatile. They can be fitted over all types of toilets from conventional floor-standing WC’s through to wall-mounted wash and dry toilets.

We know that everyone is different, even if they have the same disability or condition. That’s why we have designed the Aerolet range to be flexible and customisable. Simply choose between vertical or tilting lift action and we will do the rest.

We’re UK-based and the leading specialists who invented the wash and dry toilet over 60 years ago. We’re also specialists in supporting people who need a helping hand with their toileting needs, and we design, manufacture and maintain our own products.