“I am a new man, I don’t know I have a bottom now!” So says 72 years-old Eric Greenhalgh, a self-styled cripple who suffered significantly from haemorrhoids until he changed his toilet.

Former engineer Eric, who is in his electric wheelchair 24/7 through hip and spine issues, has had, under the recommendation of his local healthcare team and financed largely by a disabled facilities grant, his traditional bathroom and WC in his Bolton home replaced with a wetroom and Closomat Palma Vita ‘wash and dry’ (automatic) toilet.

The Closomat looks like – and can be used as – a conventional WC, but has the added benefits of in-built douching and drying. As a result, Eric is cleaned without toilet tissue or his wife’s help, improving hygiene, independence and any abrasion.

“I am a new man! I don’t know I have a bottom now! I now qualify as a human being, totally in charge of my own rectum. I am gratified beyond belief at the difference it has made,” he says. “And my wife has a better quality of life too, as she doesn’t have to wipe me whenever I need the toilet, day or night. She can cope better with caring for me in the day as she now gets a full night’s sleep, instead of having to help me toilet in the night.

The Closomat Palma Vita is the only unit of its kind developed specifically for disabled people, with the aim of minimising or eliminating their reliance on carers to undertake personal hygiene. Unique simultaneous flushing and washing improves hygiene as the user is cleaned by warm water, not paper, and increases independence as manual cleansing is eliminated.

One simple press of the flush pad (by hand, elbow or body pressure) or the remote control hand switch can trigger the washing and drying process, without the handle having to remain depressed, making it easily useable by all, regardless of manual dexterity. If necessary, an additional push at any time can repeat the drying cycle. The functions can be stopped at any time simply by standing up.

Closomat is the first choice for disabled people and their carers, to deliver quality, easy to use toileting solutions that bring greater independence, dignity and hygiene.
Stephen Edwards, Head of Sales and Marketing