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Palma Vita

Adapting to level the obstacles to independence

Adaptability in all aspects means that Closomat’s Palma Vita can deliver hygienic dignity & independence even in confined and complex situations.

To wipe or to wash? Which gets you cleaner?

As far as former painter and decorator Eddy Jarvis is concerned, washing is the obvious choice. 

Teamwork in bespoke ‘tech’ specification helps restore couple’s dignity & independence in the toilet

Husband and wife Janice and Terry Rees have both had their independence back as a result of teamwork between their local Social Services and Closomat. 

“Life-changing” trip to the doctor

When Theresa Jago went to see her GP about problems she was having in daily life because of brittle bone disease and arthritis, she didn’t expect it to result in her having a new toilet courtesy of her local council.

A new toilet at home helped facilitate hospital discharge

A “near death” experience has led to Janet Dyer getting a new lease of life and enhanced independence.

Award-winning destination demonstrates how to stay ahead of the competition

An award-winning holiday venue, that prides itself on being the leader that others follow, has raised the bar with its latest refurbishment.

“Life changing” diagnosis inspires new vocation for championship footballer

When former Blackburn Rovers and Burnley midfielder Len Johnrose was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, it set him on a path to a new vocation.

Therapy technology

A purpose-built therapy centre for people with Multiple Sclerosis has adopted an innovative approach to helping improve patient wellbeing- it has fitted a state-of-the-art WC.

Best equipment for independent living

For 27 years-old Heather Scott, it’s the toilet. That may not be the obvious answer, but for anyone,  being able to ‘go’ without having someone help makes a huge difference to their mental wellbeing and feeling of independence.

Leaving home when you’re disabled

We all know growing up and leaving home is hard. It is even harder when you have physical and mental limitations. It is proven to be eased if something familiar goes with you along the journey.

Tackling life-changing disability

Not many men in their 50s would decide to cycle from London to Paris, nor take up wheelchair rugby.

Becky’s innovative solution to dealing with IBS

Becky Downie from Exeter says she now feels safe, and has confidence; she is managing to live independently, with just one care visit/day, despite her various limitations which include IBS.

Hospice turns to tech to deliver dignity and reduce dependence

Specialist palliative care is being given an extra dimension with employment of assistive technology with a difference.

“Beautiful” adaptation

How would you describe your toilet? For pensioners Leonard & Margaret Reed, their WC is “beautiful”.

Holiday venue fulfills the dream

The experience of holidaying with a disabled member of the family was the inspiration of a dream to provide the ultimate in accessible vacationing.

War of independence or: how a toilet is helping the fight against MS

One man’s fight against the degeneration caused from Multiple Sclerosis is taking place in….the bathroom.

Accessibility is riding high

Improvements at a venue already deemed a Centre for Excellence are enabling anyone with disabilities, no matter how complex, to enjoy the benefits of a horsey holiday.

Adapting to help the whole family deal with arthritis, inclusion body myositis in London

A comparatively small change to the bathroom five years ago is enabling a London couple to retain their independence despite deteriorating conditions.

The icing on the cake

‘The icing on the cake” is not a typical description of a toilet, but for Beverley Gazy that is how she feels. The toilet in question is a Closomat Palma Vita shower (wash & dry) toilet. Its installation has transformed Beverley’s ability to undertake this very intimate area of hygiene without relying on her husband to help her.

Five star holiday access

Natural beauty is being given a new, accessible dimension in the Wye Valley. Thatch Close Cottages, a cluster of converted barns dating back to the 17th century in the scenic Wye Valley, has achieved Visit England ratings of 4* and 5*, and National Accessibility Gradings of V2, H2, M1 and M3. As a result, people with disabilities and their carers, family, friends, and pets, can enjoy a break in one of the most beautiful settings in the country.

Stroke unit goes to the toilet to help patient recovery

The stroke unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital has become the first of its kind in the country to go to the toilet to help patient recovery.

Dundee council uses the toilet to improve education resources

A local education authority is optimising best value in a major capital building programme- right through to pupil intimate care.

“Air bnb” style venue for disabled holidays in Fife It even has ‘smart’ Closomat toilets

Disabled people can enjoy a holiday knowing they have those key aids they rely on at home, through a considerate approach to accommodation.

Getting in tune with limitations

Having to deal with the impact of Multiple Sclerosis on his daily life is not stopping musician Tom Flynn from being stylish, through to his home’s fixtures and fittings.

My toilet? It’s a godsend!

Most people take their WC for granted. For Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Kathleen Bergin, it is much more….

Copthorne extends luxury to all

People visiting London can enjoy the best hotel facilities, regardless of their ability, as a result of attention to detail at one of London's four-star locations.

Innovative provision for the disabled

An inclusive approach to convenience is being adopted by East Hants District Council, in what is believed to be the first installation of its type in the country.

Total approach to delivering quality respite care

A charity providing ' special holidays for special children' is ensuring they are as independent as possible during their stay- right through to their personal hygiene....

Theatrical approach to total hygiene

A groundbreaking theatre company, supported by some of the UK's top thespians, is taking its inclusive approach to every level- even to backstage dressing room facilities.

Coasting to optimum housing accessibility

Wheelchair users in Wales can benefit from enhanced independence through a holistic approach by their local social housing provider.

‘Total’ approach to hygiene helps makes lifetime homes a reality

A housing association which helped shape the 'Lifetime Homes' concept is proving in reality how easy adaptability transforms tenants' lives, with help from Total Hygiene.

Wheelchair users’ accessibility enhanced

Independence for disabled people in Ireland is being trail-blazed at the headquarters of the country's leading organization for people with limited mobility.

Active lifehouse

Lifehouse, the most comprehensive facility for independent living in the North West, is continuing its trailblazing with Liverpool Disabled Living Centre's most active programme of events since moving to new facilities.

Centre of excellence extends support…

A support facility already acknowledged by its local health professionals as 'a Centre of Excellence' is taking a holistic approach to extensions to its services....

Total approach to a new generation of independence…

New life is being given to the site of a former primary school in an award-winning development of incorporating flexibility to accommodate changing needs.

Self-help extends right through to ‘spending a penny’

A purpose-built Centre to provide therapy, exercise and support for people with neurological conditions is optimising client ability to self-help - right through to toileting.

Preparing the ground for independent living

Educating children with disabilities to cope with independent life after school is being given state-of-the-art support.

Forward-thinking – through to inclusivity

One of University of Cambridge Colleges, which claims to be one of the most forward-thinking academic institutions in the world- is proving its point as far as student inclusivity is concerned...

Opportunity for thousands to go solo…

Thousands of people in Solihull have a new opportunity to go SoLO with the opening of a new interactive centre designed to meet their specific needs.

21st Century learning environment fit for all….

A half-century old school is being taken into the 21st century in every aspect- including its toilet facilities for pupils.

21st Century physics equip to answer basic needs

On-going upgrading of facilities at Cambridge University’s Department of Physics to equip the faculty for the 21st century have headed to the toilets.

Adapting to realise vision of optimum independence

A vision of creating a better world for children with severe and complex needs is being realised – right through to their personal hygiene.

Giving vulnerable adults confidence – right through to personal care

A UNICEF accredited school is helping pupils with diverse abilities to be as independent and confident as possible, by heading to the toilets.

Changing a toilet brings independence and dignity

A Leeds family is finding an improved quality of life with greater independence and dignity – by changing its toilet.

Holistic approach to toilet needs eases transition from home to school

A young boy who was born with upper limb deficiency is finding his transition from home to school as easy as possible – in part due to the school's attitude towards his toileting needs.

‘Total’ independence helps Dan prepare for London 2012

Winning the bronze medal in the Boccia Team World Cup has helped Olympic gold medalist Dan Bentley guarantee his place in the individual Boccia event at London 2012.

Closomat helps ease progression to adulthood

The angst of adolescence is being eased for one Stockport teenager and his family through the care and understanding of Stcokport Homes Adaptations Service....

Holistic approach enhances quality of life

Taking a holistic approach to a child's needs is improving not only his quality of life, but that of his whole family...

Dr Kenneth Townend PhD

Simply the best – a toilet!

Marilyn Carr

Retaining independence...

Alan Billinge

Three decades of daily use and still going strong...

Ulem Grant

‘Fantastic’ equipment...

Regaining independence...

When diabetes has affected you so badly you have had to have your legs amputated above the knee and have lost your sight, even going to the loo can be a major issue...

Adapting to deliver ‘fantastic’ independence

A multiple sclerosis sufferer is achieving 'fantastic' independence – through a new toilet.

Piles of improvement...

"I am a new man, I don't know I have a bottom now!" So says 72 years-old Eric Greenhalgh, a self-styled cripple who suffered significantly from haemorrhoids until he changed his toilet.

Making a difference to quality of life

A former care worker is getting a new lease of life and renewed independence- thanks to her toilet.

On the move...with his toilet!

One man is so impressed with his toilet, he even took it with him when he moved house.

Toilet gets seal of approval from disability campaigner

Disability rights campaigner Gerry Maguire MBE is enhancing his knowledge of people's toileting needs through personal experience...

The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of toilets?

"It's wonderful, everyone should have one, it's the Rolls-Royce compared to a Ferrari". What is it? A toilet...

‘Easi’ solution for effective wetroom

Achieving a functional, accessible yet stylish wetroom, which encompasses the needs of both has been easy for Northumberland couple Bill and Marjorie Leslie....

Helping regain quality of life

Marital harmony is being amplified for one MS sufferer – all through his toilet.

Optimising independent living in social housing

A new social housing project will meet residents’ needs now and in the future through forward-thinking specification.

Toilet helps unblock hospital bed….

Having a toilet that is more than just a toilet has enabled a woman to be discharged from hospital days early….

Extra care in helping people be independent

East Sussex County Council is  demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to delivering optimum independence and best value in supported living at its new project in Eastbourne.

Don’t be “out on a limb” with personal care

As the UK sees the number of people undergoing an amputation reach record levels, a trail-blazing amputee is showing how to overcome the loss and live normally with assistive technology – even going to the loo.

Shared solution to independence

Dignity and personal hygiene for all is being effectively achieved in one Lanarkshire household, through the use of assistive technology.

Helping turn disability into a positive

One of Britain’s leading disabled actors is turning to assistive technology to help him retain his independence.


An RAF engineer who defied medical expertise after a spinal injury is still retaining a degree of independence and refusing to succumb to his physical limitations, by using British toilet engineering expertise.  

Croes Atti Residential Home

Local authority stops clients ‘hanging around’

Eshcol House Nursing Home

Delivering dignity & independence

Glenashling Nursing Home

Automatic 'wash and dry' toilets are now regarded as the only "proper" hygiene solution by residents at a nursing home.

Bonaer Nursing Home

Maximising client dignity

Toilet helps Margaret keep as healthy as possible

A Glasgow pensioner who uses a wheelchair is keeping as healthy and independent as possible, in part due to her toilet.

One man’s solution to dealing with a life-changing accident

If you ask Karl van Gool which fixture in his home he values more than any other, he’d say it was his toilet.

Having the choice on how to deal with good days and bad days…

How would you cope with going from a comfortable standard of living, with a husband, a young child and pregnant to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a single mum of two, and “at the mercy of the state”? 

Lifting support

Daily life has been given a lift for the Lalor family, with kit that is “just the answer” for them all. 

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