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Thanks to ten years servicing, warranty and maintenance cover

We’re here to make things easier and solve problems not just for the people who use our products but also for the people who specify them. So, when a local authority wanted a solution to the issue of client queries arising from problems with wash and dry toilets, we had the answer – Palma Life.

Palma Life is built to deal with everything life throws at it, providing all the solutions for intimate toileting needs, whether straightforward or complex. Plus it comes with a watertight warranty and a maintenance agreement covering all servicing and defects for 10 years. lt even covers adjustments.

No comebacks, no hassle, and no nasty surprises for your clients.

You can confidently specify Palma Life knowing that we’ll be there for your client if problems arise with their toilet. And you’ll have the added reassurance of knowing that there won’t be any burden on you because we take care of everything.

This removes any further demands on your time – and budget – freeing you up to look after your day-to-day caseload.

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Palma Life - benefits at a glance


Fit and forget

No comebacks on you if things do go wrong, or for service or adjustments – we’ll take care of everything



From future price increases for repairs and maintenance – pay less now; don’t pay for it later, in time, hassle and budget



From knowing that you have specified a worry-free solution for your client – no bills for your client in the future



Because the warranty and service covers the toilet, and not the client, it can be relocated to another client where circumstances allow (relocation charges apply).



From knowing that you’re working with a partner who’s on your side – we’re not here to simply sell equipment; we’re here to help you

A tailored toileting solution...

With all future maintenance, servicing and adjustments taken care of. And because the whole cost can be incorporated into the initial DFG, specifying Palma Life couldn’t be simpler.

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