Best value for everyone is being delivered as a result of “joined up” thinking by project teams at a local Council, the end results of which will help deliver a unique tourism opportunity.

As part of its Deep History Coast project, aimed at making the most of the Ice Age coastline, North Norfolk District Council planned to refurbish and upgrade its Information Centre in Cromer.

Through work by local accessibility campaigner Emma Spagnola, the Council was aware of the need to enhance its inclusion offering.

The Deep History Coast project aims to rival Jurassic Coast in Devon and Cornwall, and provide North Norfolk with a unique, spectacular tourism attraction, explained Project Support Officer Darren Payne. The work being done at the Information Centre to deliver that gave us a great opportunity to get best value for the Council, residents of the district, and visitors, by providing a Changing Places at the focal point for the whole North Norfolk area.

The Changing Places we at Closomat installed gives people who need help with their intimate hygiene more space (12m2), plus appropriate equipment including a peninsular WC, full room cover ceiling track hoist, height adjustable adult-sized changing bench and privacy screen. The Changing Places ensures the Centre now offers a full complement of toilet facilities, being alongside a family room, male, female, and conventional wheelchair-accessible toilets.

Adds Darren

North Norfolk District Council is committed to doing what it can to ensure it is as accessible as possible. Mrs Spagnola has done a great job in the region, and nationally, in raising awareness of the need for Changing Places. Without such toilet facilities, tens of thousands of disabled people are deprived of enjoying numerous activities most of us take for granted, as they can’t find suitable toilet facilities. In worst case scenarios, they face having to be changed on the floor, or just not visit somewhere. We hope we can include more Changing Places in future refurbishment projects.

Closomat has become the leader in the design, supply, installation and subsequent maintenance of Changing Places.