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Mobile but going nowhere!

  • The Expert

Making use of mobile equipment when kitting out a Changing Places toilet or Hygiene Room may seem like an easy option technically speaking, but here are some considerations- mobile hoists and mobile changing tables:

Although no specialist fitting is required with a mobile hoists and changing tables, they do have a relatively large footprint, which is a permanent feature in the room. This could affect your wheelchair turning circle.

In addition to the space that mobile hoists and changing tables take up in the changing room, you will also require a secondary location to house the charging unit for the batteries. This has to be away from the changing room due to electrical regulations.

This leads me on to the point that the venue is then responsible for monitoring usage of the equipment so as to keep them fully charged.

Lastly, despite their relative ‘ease of use’ it is also ‘easy to lose’ a mobile piece of equipment.

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