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Suitable school toilets

  • Kelvin Grimes

We believe education providers need to accommodate pupils with special needs more than ever…

Today, almost 1.5million pupils in all levels of education have special needs, and there are growing numbers of disabled learners especially entering higher education; under the Department for Education’s own standard specifications for school toilets, pupils with special educational needs and disabilities must have suitable toilets, which they can get to and use easily.

What I am finding, is that, often, it pays to ‘value engineer’ the accessible school toilets: spend a little more now- say switch a conventional WC for a Clos-o-Mat. It makes it right for a specific student’s needs, opens the doors for others to access the school, and enables the school to offer improved hygiene to pupils of all abilities (optimising their cleanliness after toilet accidents etc). The theory and its benefits works in a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet, through to a comprehensive hygiene room.

See our educational buildings white paper at our downloads section…

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