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Cost-effective best value practice compliance with care act

  • Mark Sadler

Palma VitaThe Care Act has now come into force. As we see it, something as simple as providing toileting assistive technology helps deliver the core values of the Act, and deliver great client outcomes.

The focus of the Act is about

  • improving wellbeing and independence physically and holistically,
  • minimising the effect of disability or deterioration,
  • improving the lives of carers physically and holistically,
  • and supporting the person to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Giving the person the ability to go to the loo whenever they want, reducing or eliminating their reliance on carers surely ticks all those boxes? Toileting assistive technology sounds grand, but it means:

  • providing a toilet lift so they can get on and off the loo without help
  • changing a conventional WC for a wash & dry toilet, so neither they, nor their carer, needs to try and manually wipe themselves.

And it costs less than providing appropriate care support for even a few months….


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