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Protect investment in ‘spending a penny’…

  • Kelvin Grimes

According to one of our customers, it would be ‘foolish’ not to take advantage of our service scheme for ‘out of home’ accessible toilets, including Changing Places toilets and hygiene rooms.

Under the plan, our in-house, specially trained engineers undertake annual maintenance of ALL the key equipment provided by Closomat in the toilets. This includes complex technical fittings such as height adjustable changing benches, Closomat Palma Vita automatic shower (wash and dry) toilets and hoists.

Further, should there be a problem with any of the equipment, Closomat’s engineers will be on site as quickly as possible and undertake whatever steps necessary to remedy the issue and ensure the toilet facility is fully functioning.

Wakefield College is just one customer that has taken advantage of the package, for its two accessible toilet facilities. Elaborates Diane Henry, Estates Manager, “Due to the installation costs and technical nature of the equipment I believe it would be foolish not to invest in servicing. Servicing helps to ensure optimum performance, minimise operational downtime which would have a negative impact on the potential users of the facility, and helps prolong the equipment’s life.”

When providers have made a significant investment in the provision of an accessible toilet, it is logical to ensure it is operational as much as possible, not only to potentially maximise return on investment but also to optimise that intangible ‘customer service’, especially when to do so adds little pro rata to the annual running costs.

We have all know the frustration of needing to go to the toilet when away from home and find the nearest one is out of use. That frustration is significantly increased when you are- or care for someone who is- disabled, and need special facilities.


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