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The Equality Act has been much in the news this month, with the failure of so many businesses etc to realize its relevance..

  • Robin Tuffley

One point overlooked in the issue over making ‘reasonable adjustments’ is the WHEN…

According to the Act, which supercedes the Disability Discrimination Act, service providers must think ahead and take steps to address barriers that impede disabled people, including appropriate adjustments to a building- ramps, toilet facilities etc. The Government’s own easy reference guide states: “You should not wait until a disabled person experiences difficulties using a service, as this may make it too late to make the necessary adjustment”.

New guides are now available to help architects, facilities managers et al get at least the toilets right.

Elaborates Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager, “You only have to look at social media to realize how much of an issue appropriate toilet provision away from home is to disabled people and their carers. They have a powerful voice, spending over £80billion a year and accounting for 20% of the average business’ customer base. Give them suitable toilets, and they will come to you rather than go somewhere else…But it is essential those toilets are correctly equipped, laid out.”

The reference guides can be downloaded FOC at and

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