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Getting the right support

  • Mark Sadler

One of the most common home adaptation, especially in toilets, is provision of grab rails, to provide support.

But such aids are inevitably often compromised, by the environment into which they are being installed.

The wall may not be strong enough to support the load, especially once the user physically leans their weight onto the rail.

If a floor-mounted option is therefore more suitable, is there actually the physical space around the WC to appropriately position the rail, without it impacting on the user’s ability to transfer onto and off the loo?

Twisting or stretching to reach and then bear on the rail could potentially increase the potential risk for a fall…..

It is not surprising therefore that one of our most frequently specified accessories are support arms. Research among existing users and specifiers highlighted their availability as a popular and influencing option in the purchase process. Yet they are also often overlooked.

As they are fixed to, and therefore become an integral part of, the Closomat, they need no additional space around the toilet. They are perfectly positioned to provide the necessary support and load bearing to facilitate getting on and off the unit. They can provide additional security and feeling of stability to the user whilst on the loo. If not required, they fold back against the wall, optimising useable space in ‘the smallest room’.


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