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Palma Spray

There’s always discussion over delivering value for clients. The focus inevitably falls on £, but what about the intangibles?

How do you out a price of someone’s feeling of dignity, independence? It’s priceless!

How do you out a price on how that feeling impacts on their health & wellbeing? It is acknowledged that a feeling of wellbeing reduces health issues, requires less use of NHS services. That cost is too often not even considered!

A survey of English Housing reported that 6MILLION households included an occupant with a disability or serious medical condition. That’s a lot of care support. And it doesn’t take much to appreciate that delivering better value in care support can have a major, positive impact on available budgets.

Put it in perspective: provision of something like a wash & dry toilet, which means that user can go to the loo without care support costs way less than £1/day if used for 10 years*. How much to provide a care worker to go in every day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year…? Certainly more than £1/day!

*10 years= 3650days; cost of Palma Vita £2800= £0.77/day.