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Closomat CPD qualified webinar series

Applying the Care Act (2014) preventative agenda to bathroom adaptations for clients with long-term conditions " (CPD Qualified)


Bottoms up!

  • Angela May

Have you tried the toilet tissue tear test? Is that simple task actually becoming harder? There’s a stylish solution to avoid it completely, yet achieve even better cleanliness … 

Palma Vita

The Closomat Palma Vita is a WC with a bidet and drier integrated into its core functionality. Thus, just remain seated, press the flush pad and enjoy a ‘hands-free’ experience in intimate care. 

Simultaneously, the toilet flushes and the douche washes you thoroughly with warm water, with gentle warm air blowing you dry after. (The douche self-cleans, so there is no need for awkward wiping down or use of special chemicals.) 

Palma Spray

 The Closomat Palma Vita offers the highest level of cleanliness: its douche delivers 8l/minute for three minutes, and the most effective drying process. And it can be installed in place of any conventional WC: the only addition is access to an appropriate electrical connection. 

Dr Ken Townend PhD is just one person who appreciates the benefits. “I just press the button and off we go! I am confident I am clean, which I wasn’t before. It’s the best,” he says. 

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