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Applying the Care Act (2014) preventative agenda to bathroom adaptations for clients with long-term conditions " (CPD Qualified)


CQC report: Technology= Opportunity to improve healthcare

  • Angela May

Thinking beyond the traditional, and turning to technology could help relieve pressure on care providers and their staff, and improve the quality of care.

Aerolet Tilt

So says the Care Quality Commission’s new State of Care report. The findings reinforce an approach Closomat, Britain’s leading provider of intimate care solutions for the elderly and disabled, has been promoting. Assistive technology helps (where appropriate) reduce reliance on care provision, enhances quality of life, mental wellbeing, and helps achieve person centred care.

“Would you want someone to help you on and off the loo? To wipe your bottom?” observes Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “The CQC, in its report, says ‘providers need to think beyond traditional boundaries to reflect the experience of the people they support’. It adds ‘technological innovation offers an opportunity to drive improvement in healthcare services. We actively support new ways of delivering care that are designed to improve the quality of care for people..’. 

“Technology, such as a toilet lifter, wash & dry (bidet) toilet , already exists to meet that forward-thinking strategy. Providers do not necessarily view it in that way, yet it is- it is assistive technology.” 

The consistent refrain from Closomat clients is that the company’s technology has meant they feel independent, and has reduced, and often eliminated, their need for care support. Financial analysis shows that providing such technology can, within months, be significantly more cost-efficient than providing a carer to help with toileting. And numerous organisations support the approach, including Arthritis UK.

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