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Improve hygiene and independence with minimal disruption

  • Angela May

“Outside the box’ thinking can now enable people to optimise independence and hygiene in their intimate care. 

Palma Vita

The Closomat Palma Vita, Britain’s brand-leader in wash & dry toilets, is the first WC of its kind that doesn’t necessitate major disruption to be installed somewhere within a home where there isn’t already a toilet. It can now be used with a macerator*, eliminating the requirement to closely connect to mains drains or soil pipework. 

“Research shows currently over 300,000 people have a condition or disability which means their home is unsuitable and requires adaptation, a figure predicted to more than double by 2036+,” observes Ian Tomlinson, Closomat commercial director. “For many of them, the issue is one of accessing the toilet: there may only be one toilet in the house, upstairs, which poses a problem if going upstairs becomes hard. Indeed, a ground floor toilet is deemed one of the four key features of ‘visitability’ for someone with an impairment. 

“Often it is possible to reconfigure an area downstairs that can become a cloakroom toilet, but gaining access to the mains drains can be a limiting factor in terms of distance, disruption and therefore cost. Using a macerator means a toilet can be created almost anywhere; all that is additionally required is water and electricity connections, which are much easier and less disruptive to access.”

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