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Adaptable style and function

  • Angela May

A wetroom is a perfect way to make sure that, even if doing certain movements is starting to become a bit difficult, you can Closomat Accessible Bathroomstill be independent and stylish- at least with your intimate hygiene!

Closomat’s range of options enable you to still be in vogue whilst getting that extra bit of support…. 

Support arms and grab rails don’t have to have that typical institutional look, but can be sleek, aesthetic and discreet. So can shower seats. They can be fixed directly to the wall, or mounted on a slimline track to give the flexibility to move them to exactly where required. 

And for the ultimate hygiene experience, replace the conventional WC with a Closomat wash & dry toilet, so you don’t have to contort, twist, reach, to wipe clean: integrated features shower your intimate parts clean, then warm air blow you dry. You can tailor it to your individual needs too- initially or as you change with time. 

Floor- or wall-mounted versions suit individual design preferences, and, if knee flexing is becoming hard, then opt for the fully-automatic height adjustable Lima Lifter.

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