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Lifting care support

  • Angela May

Accessible Bathroom AeroletCarers are potentially missing out on an opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Research by Closomat, Britain’s leading provider of helpful toileting/ intimate care solutions, has found that 40% of carers- 2.6million people- have been inured as a result of their caring role, yet there is potential for many of those injuries to be avoided by provision of moving & handling equipment.

“Allegedly £1billion of Carers Allowance goes unclaimed every year, often because carers are not aware that additional support is available to them,” explains Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “Local authorities have a legal duty to support carers, and to help them avoid health & safety risks(2).The NHS advises that Government funding is available to help carers with their moving and handling requirements- specifically, to help their loved one get in and out of bed, a chair, showering and toileting. 

“These are everyday tasks, but ones that place significant strain on carers’ backs. Simply providing equipment such as a hoist, toilet lifter, or height-adjustable shower seat or WC can significantly reduce risk of injury to the carer- and the person being cared for. It’s significantly cheaper than providing a care worker to go in and help a carer in transfer situations, or the cost to the NHS in treating the back injury. If you’re a carer, it’s at least worth asking the question of your local authority….!” 

The company supplies a range of height adjustable fixtures, including a shower seat and wash/dry toilet, designed to eliminate the need for the carer to physically support their loved one whilst the shower or get on and off the toilet. 

The range of moving and handling equipment is detailed on Closomat’s website, under the products tab; independent endorsement is also detailed thereon, under the case studies tab.

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