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Open your doors to a share of a £14billion+ market

  • Angela May

If you want to offer the optimum in client satisfaction, head to the bathroom!

That’s the advice of leading provider of inclusive toileting solutions, Closomat.Closomat Lima Lifter 

“We think of inclusion and accessibility as applying to people with disabilities. But they apply to everyone- including racial, religious, physical and mental considerations,” observes Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. 

  • its integrated douching and drying addresses cultural preferences about hygiene from Far East travellers
  • those in-built facilities satisfy Islamic considerations about hand:body contact
  • it is fully height-adjustable, for each user, via simple push buttons, so tall, short, and/or disabled people can set it to their individual preference for comfort.
  • it can be used as a conventional WC if preferred. 

“Having such a toilet makes a great selling point, to differentiate your venue from the competition,” adds Robin. “The Japanese particularly view wash & dry toilets as the ‘norm’, so the 0.25million visitors who come to the UK from there can be deterred by what they view as our unhygienic method of cleaning after toileting. Muslim tourists spend £2.52billion in the UK; their religion prefers avoidance of hand:body contact when addressing intimate care. 

“And height adjustability of a WC is a major consideration for taller people, especially someone who is disabled: we’ve actually had clients comment that, when away from home, they can’t use the loo because if they can actually transfer onto a conventional loo, at Regulatory height, they can’t then get off it! Disabled travellers and their parties spend £12.4billion a year in the UK. 

“Even if one or two were installed, your doors are opened to enhanced guest satisfaction, and you simultaneously achieve ‘Best Practice’ compliance. The number of potential guests who would prefer it, benefit from it make it a justifiable expenditure.”

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