One issue not generally discussed when talking about multi-generational households is the bathroom- access to, and use of.

It’s a growing problem for the households.

There has been a 46% rise in multi-generational households in less than a decade(1). It is set to continue: some 60% of people would consider living in a multi-generational household, according to a survey by Sarah Beenie’s estate agency Tepilo. Set alongside that the fact that, on average, we go to the toilet 8 times a day. Multiply that by each resident, and you have a very busy room! But each generation has different needs- children may be young and not very adept at wiping properly; the senior citizens may equally struggle with wiping, for different reasons- general flexibility, manual dexterity, balance to name a few- but are reticent to ask family to help.

The solution is Closomat’s range of wash/dry (shower) WCs. Looking like- and capable of being used as- a conventional WC, the Closomat has integrated douching and drying- the best performance in each on the market. Thus, if preferred, the user does not have to wipe manually. The toilet cleans them instead, to a consistent high standard, every time.

Closomat’s toilets have bespoke benefits depending on the household’s needs.

You can get some ‘top tips’; on how to create a multi-generational bathroom here:

Multi-generational Bathroom Tips

To find out which wash & dry toilet is the most appropriate for your household, go here:

(1) Office for National Statistics