A purpose-built MS (Multiple Sclerosis) therapy centre has adopted an innovative approach to helping improve patient wellbeing- it has fitted a state-of-the-art WC.

Carer explaining how to use the touch sensitive control on a Closomat Palma Vita to a person in a wheelchair.Kent MS Therapy Centre chose to install its first Closomat Palma Vita wash and dry toilet in place of a conventional WC, to help its members overcome the challenge of maintaining personal cleanliness, and enhance their feeling of wellbeing. It has been fitted in one of the most frequently used toilet facilities in the Centre – the accessible WC just off the main social area of the Centre, providing easy access for all members and visitors.

“MS is the most common disabling neurological disease in young adults in the UK. It affects over 100,000 people,” explained Centre manager Karen Middlemiss. “Some people with MS struggle with motor skills and muscle spasticity, which can make personal hygiene a challenge at times. It is really important to anyone’s well-being to feel clean. Also, we have a hydrotherapy pool, and for hygiene we require users to shower before using that: not all users are able to wash every part of their body because of their condition.

“The Closomat is a very easy way for people to take care of those harder to reach areas. We do like the fact that the whole process of washing and drying cannot be heard outside of the toilet so people don’t feel embarrassed about using it either.”

Closomat Palma Vita, with touch sensitive controls, in a bathroom.The Centre’s long-term plan (funding permitting) is to install additional Closomat toilets elsewhere around the facility, particularly by the hydrotherapy pool and in the changing rooms.

Kent is the latest MS Therapy Centre to install a Closomat toilet. Many MS sufferers have Closomats in their own homes.