Taking historic building into 21st century

Enabling students to fulfill their potential has been taken to a new level with the installation of state-of-the art hygiene facilities in a building that can trace its roots to the 13th Century.

Coleg Menai in Bangor provides academic and vocational education and training for over 10,000 students, with a mission to provide modern learning facilities accessible to all – despite some of its estate buildings being listed. In fulfilling that mission, it has commissioned leading disabled toileting solutions provider Total Hygiene to supply and install a new hygiene room in the Friars Building, home to the College’s licensed training restaurant and hair & beauty salons.

Coleg Menai Estates Officer Huw Elfed Williams elaborated,

The Friars building is Grade II listed, and dates back to the 13th Century, so it is a challenge to ensure it, like our other buildings, is available to disabled students. The ground floor hygiene room works alongside other installations such as automatic doors and a lift that will make college life easier and more accessible to disabled students – and staff. We consulted with experts in the field to ensure the equipment we installed delivered a facility that meets the needs of a wide range of disabilities.

As a result, the new room features, in addition to standard accessible toilet equipment, two height-adjustable washbasins, a ward/ privacy screen, a shower chair and a Closomat ‘wash and dry’ toilet.

The combination of equipment ensures transfer from wheelchair to the toilet or shower is as easy as possible. The built-in douche and drier of the Closomat means people can use the toilet without having to manually cleanse with toilet tissue.

Under the Department for Education’s Building Bulletin 102, educational establishments must provide accessible personal care facilities at convenient intervals round a school. The number of disabled children increased by 62% in the past 25 years, and 60% – 150,000 – of the statemented children in England alone are in mainstream schooling. Recent statistics show almost 20,500 students* have a disability- almost 6% of the student population.

Adds Robin Tuffley, Total Hygiene marketing manager,

As the number of disabled children increases, it is logical to assume a similar increase in the number of disabled FE, HE and vocational students. Coleg Menai is among the pioneers in tertiary education in providing appropriate facilities for ALL its students, regardless of ability.

Founded over 50 years ago, Total Hygiene is the UK’s largest supplier of disabled toileting solutions, and the only one to offer in house design guidance, supply, install, commissioning and maintenance.