“I can manage”… How often do we say that? Usually, it is our pride that makes us say it, our reluctance to admit to our growing frailty.

However, it is one of life’s inevitables that, for numerous reasons, activities or tasks we have managed to perform perfectly well in the past become more difficult. That can have serious consequences.

Take something as fundamental as going to the toilet. No-one wants to accept help to do that. Yet the simple processes involved- adjusting clothing, getting on, off, wiping- all require complicated movement and balance.

The simple solution is to look at ways at adapting the cloakroom, bathroom, so you can manage without help.

But then our pride again interferes. Our perception is that living aids are practical but perhaps lack in design- we don’t want our home to look institutional.

Fortunately, help is at hand, that enables us to ‘manage’ without having to accept help nor compromise on style. And in some cases it actually delivers something that is aspirational, could make you the envy of family and friends, particularly if they are tech-savvy.

That something is a wash & dry toilet. Also known as a smart toilet, it looks like, and can be used as, a conventional WC (floor-mounted or wall hung), whilst its integrated douching and drying efficiently and hygienically clean, eliminating manual wiping with toilet paper. Whilst often seen in glossy home magazines, the concept was actually first introduced into the UK as an aid for people who were struggling with their intimate care, to enable them to manage without help.

So why ‘manage’ when you can actually achieve a better, smart solution, without compromise?