When Theresa Jago went to see her GP about problems she was having in daily life because of brittle bone disease and arthritis, she didn’t expect it to result in her having a new toilet courtesy of her local council.

The new fixture- a Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry WC- has, she says, changed her life, to the extent she often just looks at it and smiles with happiness.

Theresa’s health problems meant she couldn’t wipe herself properly; every time she went to the toilet, she was then having a shower because she still felt dirty. Unaware of the help potentially available to her, she went to her local GP. He referred her case to the local authority, London Borough of Havering, to see what help was available. Social services assessed her, and arranged for the Closomat to be installed in the wetroom in the Romford bungalow she shares with her husband.

“I was even thinking about taking tablets to stop me ‘going,’ it was such a problem to be clean. I couldn’t reach behind, and the conformation of my wrists and hands meant I couldn’t hold, or use, toilet paper,” explained Theresa.

“I hadn’t even heard of a wash & dry toilet before, but it has honestly changed my life. It is amazing. I sometimes just look at it and smile to myself with happiness, it has made such a difference.”

Find out more about Closomat’s Palma Vita here: https://www.closomat.co.uk/palma-vita.html