We all know growing up and leaving home is hard. It is even harder when you have physical and mental limitations. It is proven to be eased if something familiar goes with you along the journey.

That is proving the case for 20 years old Chloe Stewart, although in her case the familiar is not what you would expect: it is a WC, specifically a Closomat wash and dry toilet.

Chloe, from Aberdeenshire, suffers from Wests Syndrome, global development delay and hypertension. She is non verbal and struggles with balance. With the support of Community Integrated Care (CIC), she has now left home, and is sharing a house with three other young adults.

To ease the move, Chloe has had various living aids fitted, including a therapeutic cot bed, bathlift and a Closomat Palma Vita toilet with integrated ‘douche and dry’ functions.

“Chloe had a Closomat at home where she lived with her mum, so was used to how it works”, explained CIC manager Heidi Smith. “As she struggles with her balance, it is much safer for her and her carers to use the Closomat. As it cleans her, we don’t have to help her stand, and then support her while she is cleaned. It is more hygienic for us all too.”

To enable Chloe to still have as much dignity as possible, the Closomat at the CIC accommodation has been fitted with a touch sensitive switch, so her carers can easily trigger the toilet’s flushing, douching and drying process without having to try and reach behind Chloe to operate the conventional flush pads.