The average British person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper every year.

But to many cultures, us British/westerners are somewhat odd in the whole concept of using paper to clean. From a hygiene point of view, if we actually think about it, it is weird to use a bit of paper to deal with our bodily waste matter, especially when we wash the rest of our body with water.

It is a subject us British on the whole do not discuss. However, it is something we at Closomat discuss on a very regular basis.

Time and again, our clients comment about how much cleaner they feel as a result of having switched to one of our wash & dry toilets in place of a conventional WC. For many, it has been a necessary swap, rather than any great consideration of intimate hygiene- the result of a change in their condition which meant they were not able to wipe themselves.

It is not just a case of an improved sense of cleanliness and wellbeing. It improves health & safety too!

The douche jet can help stimulate the bowels, encouraging movement, which is helpful to people with constipation, IBS and other similar conditions.

Washing ensures effective removal of waste. That avoids the risk of it being (inadvertently) spread to other parts of the body- and hands- by the wiping process, where it can contaminate. It avoids the risk of residue being left in contact with the skin, causing soreness or infection. The direction and power of the spray ensures even the most difficult areas to reach are cleaned, again avoiding risk of matter being left behind to irritate and infect. Washing avoids the abrasion inherent in wiping, benefitting people with skin sensitivity.

Beyond the cleanliness, think of the risk factor in the whole process of wiping. You are instantly compromised on your stability as one hand is moving around behind, below you, and you therefore only have one hand with which to brace yourself should you wobble. Indeed, statistics reveal 15% of accidents in the bathroom involve the toilet(2).

So, for your own health & safety, is it time to ditch the toilet paper, and wash?