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Asana Room Render 2

asana intro image REV1The Closomat Asana

meets the highest standards of hygiene, engineering, functionality, comfort and a long serviceable life. 

A multi-functional shower toilet with exclusive additional functions and perceptible benefits.

Closomat Asana is equipped with an elegant, easy-to-use soft-close seat. The Closomat Hygiene System with all shower functions also offers odour extraction, shower spray boost, lady-shower and a wellness programme for cleaning and massage which enhance your well-being: rotating, pulsating and hot – cold – hot shower spray options.

With your wireless remote control in your hand, you can enjoy the Closomat shower experience without cables or batteries.

Asana Price & Options Configurator

Concealed Cistern Surface Mounted



Open a New Chapter in Your Life

Our many years of experience confirm it: that personal “wow” factor triggered by the Closomat shower experience.

You have to experience it for yourself - that gentle, thorough cleaning with water, pleasant drying with warm air and the feeling of comfort and freshness afterwards.

Owners of Closomats rave about it, and recommend Closomat to anyone who’s listening.
The authentic Closomat experience makes you clean and happy every single day.

Asana Features

Soft-close seat

The toilet seat and lid can be raised and lowered gently and without resistance. A light touch is sufficient. The integral shock-absorbing elements prevent the seat and lid from closing with a sudden impact.

Temperature-controlled shower water

The smart water heating with an energy-efficient boiler ensures that the shower water is perfectly temperature-controlled. For up to 
45 seconds, even with shower flow rates up to 5 litres/minute.


Automatic flushing

This is triggered automatically after the start of the showering process. So only with Closomat does the showering and drying process take place over a freshly rinsed toilet bowl.

Gently cleaning lady-shower

The lady-shower function is triggered by touching the push-button provides a much appreciated feeling of freshness. When the push-button is held down, the gentle shower spray can last for exactly as long as you wish. The air drying function starts automatically after showering.


Warm air drying

The temperature is gradually reduced. A pleasant feeling, as the drier the skin becomes, the cooler the air is.

Ambient light

The blue arc of light projected onto the floor indicates that the shower toilet is switched on. At night-time, the soft Closomat ambient light helps you find your way without having to put a bright light on.

Automatic odour extraction

Extraction starts when you sit down. Odours are neutralised by an active carbon filter.

Wellness programme

Whilst the shower is running, four wellness functions can be switched on. The vertical shower spray can rotate or pulsate.

The temperature-changing shower spray and the opportunity to combine all the wellness functions provide a revitalising massage, as well as thorough cleaning.

The Closomat shower experience – in a class of its own.

wellness layout

Asana Flush Plates


In chrome-plated finish, its pneumatic push operation gives dual flush options in a slimline unit.


The brushed stainless steel plate has palm-push button options to select the preferred flush of two options.

Wave S1

The sleek, brushed stainless steel plate uses passive (infra-red) technology: just ‘wave’your hand in front to trigger your selected flush option.

Wave S3

The state of the art mechanism comes to life in your presence! It’s ready for operation when the lights are blue; successfully triggered to flush they turn green, and red whilst the cistern refills.

Asana Spraying Render